Cal Guqin musical instrument performance

Young guqin performance artist, Xiong Yunyun, was invited by the temple for a lecture and concert performance in the auditorium on August 28. BLIA Los Angeles Chapter President, Jerry Chen, brought along BLIA directors and subchapter members nearing ...

  August 28, 2016

  BLYSO performed in the Main Hall of the Buddha Memorial Center

The symphony orchestra played Buddhist songs including The Song of Fo Guang Shan and Ode to Venerable Master as well as western songs including Pomp and Circumstance and Rondo Aus Dem Te Deum to demonstrate cultural exchange and the universal nature of music. Transcending the boundaries...

  August 24, 2016

Seminar: Topics in Buddhist Studies:Buddhism & the Body
Presenter: Dr. Lewis R. Lancaster

Double Ninth Festival Memorial Chanting Service
1:30pm on Sunday, October 9

Meditation Classes
For both beginner & intermediate
Sep 17, 2016

Medicine Buddha Dharma Service
This year, Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple has
October 27 - 30, 2016

Core Teachings
The Buddha's teachings are contained
Sep 11-Oct 30, 2016

Free Flu Shots
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Sunday, October 16

Sutra Study
The Way of the Bodhisattva
Sep 11-Oct 30, 2016

The Great Compassion Repentance Ceremony
7:30pm on Friday, October 10

English Buddhist Chanting
Time: 1pm - 1:50pm …
Sundays, Sep 11- Oct 30

Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s One-Stroke Calligraphy Exhibition
August 13-October 16, 2016

Exploring Buddhist Arts
Instructor: Nancy Cowardin …
Sep 14-Nov 2, 2016

Join us for Recycling Day
Be Green. Protect the Earth
Protect Earth is like our mother...

Buddha's Light Youth Symphony Orchestra
Audition Dates: May 14 & Aug 13, 2016
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Convalescent Home Visit
From the Community, Applied to the Community the Social Care Group of BLIA Los

Dharma School for Kids & Youth
The school will provide stories ...
Children 4 through 10 years old

BLHLS After School Program
BLHLS is offering After School Program
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Diamond Circle at Hsi Lai Temple
Have you been seeking for a discussion ...
Saturdays 4:30 - 6:00pm

BLHLS Saturday Chinese School Program
Based on student's Chinese level...
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F.G.S. International Translation Center
dedicated to translating and distributing quality translations of classical Buddhist

BLHLS Saturday Adult Chinese Program
Mandarin Chinese is Now offered
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Hsi Lai Event Email Subscription
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Job Opening: EDITOR for English translations of Chinese Buddhist texts
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