Amitabha Dharma Service

12/20 - 12/27

As the birthday of Amitabha Buddha approaches, Hsi Lai Temple will conduct the annual “Amitabha Dharma Service” from December 20 27, 2020. According to the sutras, “Reciting the Buddha’s name gains limitless merits; making a full bow to the Buddha eradicates endless unwholesome karma.” The merits of reciting the Buddha’s name are truly auspicious because it helps people realize their intrinsic Buddha nature, eradicate defilements and be reborn to the Western Pure Land. All services will be conducted online due to the pandemic.....

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Light Offering Dharma Service

11/29(Sun), 10:00am

Lighting lamps has become a method of making offerings since the Buddha’s time. Among the Ten Offerings (incense, flowers, lamps, ointments, fruit, tea, food, treasures, beads, and clothing), lamps are essential as they symbolize radiance and wisdom. Because the minds of sentient beings are hindered by the afflictions of ignorance, one therefore lights lamps before the Buddhas so that any darkness within can be illuminated by both this light and the wisdom-radiance of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, giving birth to a wise solution and the perfection of our own wisdom.

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Sunday Dharma Service

11/22 (Sun), 10:00am

Medicine Buddha Sutra

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Memorial Dharma Service

Every Sunday, 2:00pm

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Online English Dharma Chanting Service

Great Compassion Repentance Service

12/11 (Fri), 7:30pm, 12/12 (Sat), 2:00pm

The Great Compassion Repentance Ceremony is based on the Great Compassion Mantra. The full name of the Great Compassion Mantra literally means, A thousand arms and a thousand eyes Avalokitesvera Bodhisattva’s all embracing great compassion Dharani. This mantra, which is very popular in the Chinese culture and widely recited among devotees, consists of eighty-four phrases. Water blessed with the Great Compassion Mantra is called the Great Compassion Water and is taken by devotees for its spiritually cleansing qualities. Some of the merits often associated with the Great Compassion Mantra are: rebirth into higher realms, meeting beneficial acquaintances, having competent facilities, obtaining bountiful food and wealth, gaining great respect, and having the opportunity to learn Buddhist teachings.

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