Objective: To propagate the higher teachings of Buddhism and enhance spiritual purification of all beings.

Qualification: Practicing Buddhist (Basic requirement: willingness to uphold the precepts)

Date: July 12–14, 2023 (Wednesday–Friday); Check-in on July 12 at 9:00am

Place: Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple


1. Registration fee $30 (non-refundable)
2. Meals and accommodation will be provided by the temple (donations are welcome).
3. Please bring your own haiching (black robe), arhat shoes, white socks, and inner garments (white T-shirt).
4. Precept robes (brown robes) will be provided by the temple for new preceptees. For those who are renewing their Five Precepts and/or the Bodhisattva Precepts, please bring your own precept robe. (Donations for precept robes are welcome. Suggested amount: US$25 each.)


1. Registration Deadline: June 15, 2023 (Space is limited, please register early.)
2. Limit: 110 people.
3. Due to limited spaces, new five and bodhisattva preceptees will have priority in joining the precept retreat.
4. Due to limited accommodation, we are asking local Los Angeles participants to commute to Hsi Lai temple every day.
5. For applicants from outside Los Angeles, please contact your local FGS branch temples to arrange for drop-off and pick-up to and from the airport.
6. Registration letter will be sent out once application is approved.
7. Preceptees will be asked to wear a face mask during the precept retreat.


1. Turn in a copy of your valid medical insurance card and one 2”x 2” photo (passport size, b/w or color)

◎ Contact:

1. Address: Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple
2. Attn: Five Precepts and Bodhisattva Precepts Retreat
3. 3456 Glenmark Drive, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
4. Tel: (626) 923-5112
5. Web: http://www.hsilai.org
6. Email: program@ibps.org