2023 Hsi Lai English Buddhist Service

Hsi Lai Temple English Buddhist Service is a spiritual practice designed to cater to English-speaking individuals who are interested in Buddhism. The service is adapted to meet the needs of those who speak English as their primary language, making it easier for everyone to understand and participate in Buddhist practices.

The service incorporates various practices, including chanting, prostrations, walking and sitting meditation, and a short Dharma talk. Chanting is a common practice in Buddhism, and it involves the recitation of sacred texts, mantras, or sutras. Prostrations are gestures of respect and homage towards the Buddha, which involves bowing and kneeling on the soft cushions provided. Walking meditation involves mindful walking with a focus on the present moment, while sitting meditation involves maintaining a stable and comfortable posture while observing the breath or other sensations.

A Dharma talk is a teaching given by a Venerable on a particular subject of Buddhist practice. It is usually brief and focuses on practical application of Buddhist principles in our daily life.

Weekly Event Schedule

◎  Every Saturday 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

◎  Except for the following days:

  • 10/21: Day of Giving
  • 11/11: Day of Giving
  • 11/25: Thanksgiving Weekend

◎  Venue: Pagoda, Hsi Lai Temple

Contact Information

◎  Phone: (626)961-9697 ext. 5131

◎  E-mail: outreach@ibps.org