TAG School Teachers Ready to Go for Fall Semester

"Teachers—those who could propagate the doctrine, impart professional knowledge, and resolve doubts." To welcome the fall semester, more than 20 teachers gathered at the Hsi Lai Center, on August 28, to discuss curriculum planning and share teaching experiences. After the meeting, the teachers felt well-prepared and full of enthusiasm for the children.

Ms. Ching, consultant of TAG school, shared the development and growth of TAG school along the way, and hoped that teachers will grow into better people from teaching, and make progress with the support of each other. Ven. Hui Cheng presided over the meeting and guided the team of teachers to share why they wanted to be teachers of TAG School; in an effort, to better understand each other. The ice was quickly broken as everyone told their stories and bonded together through laughter.

"Classroom Management and General Teaching Skills" was presented by preschool teacher and teacher counselor Ms. Tawny Do. She talked about how to set up "classroom rules" and recommended that teachers explain its importance to students. Ms. Tawny also emphasized the significance of preparation before class. Many young teachers took notes.

Ms. Lorraine, a psychotherapist with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, with many years of volunteer experience at Hsi Lai Temple, shared a different perspective: how extremely worthwhile and impactful TAG values are for the growth of a family and children’s personality cultivation. Ms. Lorraine emphasized teachers play an invaluable role in children's education. The teachers on the scene were deeply aware of their great responsibility. Ms. Connie, a teacher's guide of TAG school, led everyone to familiarize themselves with the venues and classrooms of Hsi Lai Center, and explained the different activity areas and code of conduct for class and after class.

Venerable Hui Cheng described how courses would be arranged this semester. Students attending range from 4 year olds to 15 year olds; classes have been divided into three-year groupings resulting in a total of four classes—-preschool, kid, junior, and youth.

Detailed instructions, instant Q&A, and clear goals explained in the preparatory meeting gave teachers confidence for the upcoming fall classes. In closing, all the teachers respectfully joined their palms and read Venerable Master Hsing Yun's "Prayers for Teachers" in English.