Hacienda Heights Community July 4th Parade

2021 Caravan Flyer


Start at Grazide Elementary and Kiska, (L) on Stimson,

(R) on Shadybend, (R) on Charlemont, (L) on Binney,

(L) on Fieldgate, (L) on Folger, (L) on Glenelder,

(R) on Binney, (R) on Barford, (L) on Shadybend,

(L) on Stimson, (L) on Garo. (R) on Charlemont,

(L) on Wedgeworth, (R) on Bork, (R) on Elm Haven,

(L) on Rada Road, (R) on Ember Glen, (R) on Elderway

(L) on Country Canyon, (R) on Clementina

(R) on Paseo Verde Drive-turns into Santa Bianca Drive

(R) on Punta Del Este Drive-turns into La Monde Street

(L) on Hacienda Blvd., (R) on Tetley, (R) on Joan Drive

(R) on Newton, (L) on Kwis, (L) on Los Robles,

(R) on Turbull Cyn., (R) on Shadybend, (R) on Nantes,

(L) on Binney, (L) on Stovell, (L) on Gatlin, (R) on Binney,

(R) on Nantes, (L) on Shadybend, (L) on Turnbull,

(R) on Los Robles, (R) on Ridley Avenue, (R) on Palm Avenue,

(R) on 9th Avenue, (L) on Los Robles and continue to Los Altos High School

We will travel by 12 school sites which include: Grazide, Mesa Robles, Stimson Learning Center Cederlane, Bixby, Wilson High School Wedgeworth, Newton, Kwis Los Robles, Palm Los Altos High School.