2021 BLIA Chan and Pure Land Virtual Light-offering Dharma Service


This virtual Dharma service for blessings is conducted in upholding Buddhism’s spirit of unconditional compassion and loving-kindness, praying for an early dissipation of the Covid-19 pandemic and for world peace.

Organizer: Fo Guang Shan Monastery

Institution-in-charge: BLIA Chunghua

Co-organizers: BLIA chapters worldwide and group members (branch temples)


March 13, 2021 (Saturday) 4:00~7:00 PM(Taiwan)

To participate:

Wear the haiqing and precept robes to get online to watch BLTV or BLIA on YouTube, participating in the service for diligent practice.

Donation items:

Committee MemberProclamation(Donor Name)
HonoraryWhole family
Supporter3 persons
Sponsor1 person
Initiator1 person
(1) The names of all Honorary, Supporter, Sponsor, and Initiator members will be recited at the Dharma service proclamation and also recorded in a “Merit Record Book” for offering in the Main Shrine of Fo Guang Shan for one year.

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