2021 Golden Notes Music Festival

In attempt to allow more opportunities for our musicians to show their talents, strengthen their confidence, and allow BLYSO to plan for further events, we are pleased to announce the BLYSO Golden Notes Music Festival! This event is open to every musician and all instruments. Musicians can choose their preferred instrument, and perform solo or form chamber group with siblings and friends. The Festival is divided into two types of categories: Solo (A, B, C, D and E) and Chamber (A, B, and C).


  1. Registration forms must be received on or before May 9th, 2021 (mail-in forms must be postmarked by May 9th, 2021.)
  2. Participants must enter their age as of May 9th, 2021, and provide a copy of their passport or birth certificate for verification purposes.
  3. Participants can play only one movement of a sonata, sonatina or concerto.
  4. Music is suggested to be under seven (7) minutes for all categories.
  5. Participants must scan sheet music in PDF format and send it in with their YouTube link.
  6. Participants must dress semi formally.
  7. For SOLO category:
    a. All music must be performed by memory.
    b. Participants can enter once per category; participants may enter more than one time with different instruments.
  8. For CHAMBER category:
    a. Music does not have to be performed by memory.
    b. Chamber containing same members can enter once per category.
  9. All participants will be awarded certificates for their hard work; winners of each category will receive trophies to recognize their performances.

Winners may be invited to perform in future BLYSO events as appropriate.

Solo Categories:

  • Piano Solo A: Age 7 and under
  • Piano Solo B: Age 8-10
  • Piano Solo C: Age 11-13
  • Piano Solo D: Age 14-16
  • Piano Solo E: Age 17-25

  • String Solo A: Age 7 and under
  • String Solo B: Age 8-10
  • String Solo C: Age 11-13
  • String Solo D: Age 14-16
  • String Solo E: Age 17-25

  • Wind/Brass Solo A: Age 7 and under
  • Wind/Brass Solo B: Age 8-10
  • Wind/Brass Solo C: Age 11-13
  • Wind/Brass Solo D: Age 14-16
  • Wind/Brass Solo E: Age 17-25

Chamber Categories

  • Chamber A: 2 members
  • Chamber B: 3 members
  • Chamber C: 4 or more members


YouTube Link

Email to blyso.la@hsilai.org
Include full name, instrument and category in the title of the YouTube video
Name, Piano, Solo A

Registration fee (nonrefundable):

Solo: $25 per entry

Chamber: $20/member per entry
Checks payable to IBPS.
Mail checks and application forms to
Venerable Hui Ze
3456 Glenmark Dr.
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

Online registration

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