F.G.S. Donates Encyclopedia of Buddhist Arts to UC Berkeley

Fo Guang Shan donated the Encyclopedia of Buddhist Arts to the Starr East Asian Library at UC Berkeley on April 8. Peter Zhou, Director of the East Asian Library expressed his gratitude to receive the 20 volume-set of books in 8 categories ......Read More

  April 8, 2015

 Mindful retreat students at an assembly line in complete silence

After surviving the hustle and bustle of the weekdays, twelve brave souls have embraced the opportunity to experience monastic life at Hsi Lai Temple on the weekends. Under the guidance of Venerable Mankuang and other venerables, the participants of this inaugural program......Read More

  April 5, 2015

2015 Five Precepts & Triple Gem Refuge
Five Precepts & Triple Gem Refuge Seminor ....
Date: 5/24 2pm-5pm

2015 Seven-Day Meditation Retreat
An intensive retreat ....
Date: 6/6 - 6/13

Hsi Lai Monastic Life Retreat
Open to those who are willing
Date: 6/21 - 8/1

Free Health Screenings
First come, first serve ....
Date: 5/10

Life and Ch'an
International Youth Seminar
Venue: F.G.S. Taiwan,   Date: 7/16 - 7/29

Fo Guang Buddhist Monastic Retreat
Monastic Life, Buddhist Studies..
Venue: F.G.S. Taiwan,   Date: 7/2 - 7/29

Annual Los Angeles Buddhist-Catholic
Enduring Practice

2015 Buddha's Light Summer Camp
Anyone Can !
Date: 6/26 - 6/28

2015 Three Acts of Goodness Summer Camp
Three Acts of Goodness
Date: 6/1 - 7/30

2015 Dharma School for Kids
The school will provide stories....
Date: 3/15 - 5/31

2015 Spring Semester Buddhsim Classes
For both beginner & intermediate
Date: 3/22 - 5/10

2015 Spring Semester Buddhism Classes
Core Teachings of Buddhism
Date: 3/22 - 5/10
BLHLS After School Program
BLHLS is offering After School Program
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Buddha's Light Youth Symphony Orchestra
It is a unique musical group that
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BLHLS Saturday Adult Chinese Program
Mandarin Chinese is Now offered
Apply Now

BLHLS Saturday Chinese School Program
Based on student's Chinese level...
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