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Voyage to the East

— A Fearless Buddhist Master's Mission to Japan
Produced and Performed by Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd.

Voyage to the East is performed by a 200-member ensemble, Jiangsu Performing Arts Group, that consists of World-renowned opera singers, dancers, actors and actresses and a full orchestra.

Master Jianzhen was an eminent Buddhist monk who made six attempts to travel from China to Japan during the Tang Dynasty. Though there were already some cultural exchanges occurring between China and Japan at the time, Master Jianzhen has been the most prominent. In his entourage were not only artists and physicians, but also craftsmen who brought Buddhist theory and ritual, Chinese culture, medicine, architectural and engineering knowledge, as well as sculpture to Japan. Master Jianzhen has been referred to as the Father of Culture and the Patriarch of the Vinaya School. This opera illustrates the story of Jianzhen’s missionary journey which was filled with hardship and disparity, and how eventually his mission was completed breaking through geographical and cultural barriers.

Dates:7:30pm June 8, 2019
2:00pm June 9, 2019
Venue:Pasadena Civic Auditorium