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2019 Hsi Lai Temple Spring Retreat

Geared for college-aged students, our five-day, four-night spiritual retreat will explore the foundations of Buddhist practice and simplicity. Activities will include classes on Buddhism and Buddhist history, meditation, chanting, real-world application of practice, and religious services. The retreat will culminate with the annual Dharma Day Celebration.

Dates: March 23 - 27, 2019 (Sat to Wed)
Venue: Hsi Lai Temple
Check in: 9:00 am
Registration Deadline: March 16, 2019
Fee: $30
Contact: 626-961-9697 ext. 5131

Requirements:18 - 35 years old, Single (unmarried)
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  1. Deportment and self-discipline are considered virtues. Proper and decent behavior is expected of all students at all times.

  2. Students are expected to uphold the five precepts throughout the retreat. The five precepts are no killing, no stealing, no lying, no sexual activities and no consumption of intoxicant.

  3. Students are expected to attend all scheduled activities on time.

  4. Students are required to be vegetarian and wear uniform during the retreat.

  5. Students are obligated to live in the temple with shared accommodation, but female and male students will live in separate quarters.

  6. Students are required to observe silence at scheduled times.

  7. Students are not allowed to leave the temple compounds without authorization.

  8. Student’s valuables and cellphone will be kept by the teacher during the retreat. However, please refrain from bringing valuables.

  9. Students are required to follow all the rules and regulations of the retreat.