Offering to Buddhas and Celestial Guardians Dharma Service

“Offering to the Buddhas” refers to making offerings to the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.
“Offering to the Celestial Guardians” refers to inviting the twenty-four celestial guardians and attendants to receive the wonderful and delicious food that is offered to the Triple Gem of the ten directions and Dharma protectors and heavenly kings in an extraordinary Dharma service.

Triple Gem

Buddha Gem — Completion of merits and virtues; Aspirations accomplished; Accumulation of infinite fortune; Realization of Buddhahood.

Dharma Gem — Growth of wisdom; Auspiciousness and fulfillment of wishes; Perfection and ease; Attainment of wondrous wisdom.

Dharma Gem — Harmonious relationships with family and associates; Obtaining fortune according to one’s wishes; Gaining eight kinds of benefits; Attainment of meditative concentration.

12 Celestial Guardian Tables

1st Table:
Laksmi — The resident of Gold Pennant Supreme Garden who can enable sentient beings to accomplish fortune and virtue.
Sarasvati — Accomplished in eloquence and a protector of the Dharma, benefiting all sentient beings.

2nd Table:
Mahabrahman — Leader of beings in the Brahman Heaven who has a deep faith in the Dharma and helps the Buddha teach and liberate sentient beings.
Sakra Devanam Indra — Lord of the Trāyastrimśa Heaven who together with Mababrahman are the main guardians of Buddhism.

3rd Table:
Dhrtarastra — Heavenly King of the East, the guardian of the country who supports and appeases sentient beings.
Virudhaka — Heavenly King of the South who subdues evil and helps sentient beings develop roots of benevolence.

4th Table:
Virupaksa — Heavenly King of the West who observes sentient with the Eye of Purity, rewarding benevolence, punishing evil, and inspiring aspirations for enlightenment.
Vaisravana — Heavenly Kings of the North who observes both benevolence and evil committed by sentient beings and bestows fortune accordingly, one of the seven celestial guardians of fortune.

5th Table:
Marici — A celestial being who protects sentient beings from wars and disassters.
Mahesvara — The lord of the Three Realms who has influence over the human world’s suffering, happiness, sorrow, and joy.

6th Table:
Guhyapati — This heavenly king holds a vajra and vows to safeguard the right Dharma.
Pancika — A celestial warrior who protects who uphold the right Dharma and liberates them from suffering.

7th Table:
Skanda — One of the Celestial Guardians of the South. A Dharma Protector who protects the eastern, western, and southern continents surrounding Mt. Sumeru.
Bodhidruma/Bodhi-vrksa — A celestial guardian who protects and helps sentient beings to cultivate roots of goodness.

8th Table:
Prthivi — Celestial Guardian of the earth who protects the Dharma.
Celestial Yaksha — One of Sixteen Yakshas who protects the Dharma and all lands.

9th Table:
Surya — A celestial guardian who eradicates darkness and ripens all that grows.
Candra — A celestial guardian who illuminates in the dark and eliminates the darkness of ignorance for sentient beings so they can progress towards benevolence.

10th Table:
Hariti — The celestial guardian who protects young children and pregnant women.
Sagara — The Great Naga King who controls the climate and weather of the world.

11th Table:
Celestial Guardian of Constellations — A celestial guardian who oversees people’s life and merits.
Yama-raja — The judge of sentient beings’ karmic retribution.

12th Table:
Kimnara — The celestial musician who oversees the karmic retribution and fortune of sentient beings.
Celestial General of Thunder — The guardian who safeguards sentient beings.

Celestial Attendant Table

Celestial Attendants – Varjra warriors and attendants of the celestial guardians.