Dear Dharma Friends,

Happy Chinese New Year!

The 2017 Lunar New Year Festival is coming soon. In the past, a considerable number of visitors have come here on the first few days of the festival. This has caused a lot of inconvenience to many because we do not have a large enough parking lot to accommodate all our New Year visitors. Therefore, this year we have loaned one offsite parking lot for January 28, 29, February 4, 5, 11, and 12. It will only take you 5 minutes to drive there from the Temple. On the above days, please follow our traffic directions and signs to get to the parking lot. Shuttle bus service to and from the Temple is provided free of charge. Thank you for your cooperation!

Wish you a Rising Dawn of Success!

Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple

Temporary Parking Lot Location and Shuttle Bus Hours

Google Map -- Puente Hills Mall