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      Tuesday June 26 (9:00am check in) to Wednesday June 27 (5:00pm check out)

      18 – 35 years old (Single)


Check-In & Parking Location:
      You will be given specific information on where to park and check in. Do not park at the temple complex.

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For inquiries:
    ● outreach@ibps.org or 626-961-9697 ext 131
    ● This is a silent retreat.
    ● Participants are required to stay overnight in the temple.
    ● Do not bring any valuables or electronics such as cameras, pods, lap tops or tablets.
        No cell phone use is allowed - we will collect cell phones for safe keeping.
    ● Do not bring any food with you.
    ● Do not set any alarms. Scheduled events will be signaled by bell and board.
    ● Please refrain from wearing any makeup, jewelry, or perfumes/colognes.
    ● Please wear flat-soled shoes easily taken off and on (socks are required).
    ● Participants are required to put on our Meditation robes throughout the whole retreat.

      ● Sleeping bag (or blanket)
      ● Toiletries
      ● Water bottle or lidded cup (cups will not be provided - paper cups at the temple are only for visitors)
      ● Daily medication
      ● Undergarments to change
      ● Thermals to wear underneath, in case it is cold
      ● Ear plugs
      ● Wrist watch (you are not allowed to use cell phone)

Note: a bed, pillow, shower gel and three daily vegetarian meals will be provided

General Daily Schedule: