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Buddhist Painting, Chan Heart - Venerable Huiyi Calligraphy Exhibition

Introduction: If you’ve ever been to Fo Guang Shan’s Sutra Transcription Hall, you will most assuredly have met a certain venerable, who is always there wielding his brush strokes with ease and serenity, and making good connections with those around him. He is the Venerable Huiyi, the deputy chief of the Sutra Transcription Hall.

Nine years ago, a devotee from the Fo Guang Shan’s Beihai branch temple shared with Ven. Huiyi the painting he created with techniques he learned from painting class offered by the Fo Guang Shan Open University. At that time, these painting piqued his interest so he picked up his brush and started to paint in similar style . By chance, a Taiwan’s renown Master of Chinese Painting, Mr. Lan Bishan, saw and complimented on Ven. Huiyi’s painting, thus he started to provide his own art works for the venerable to practice on. Over time, Venerable Huiyi’s Chinese paintings have always put viewer in awe .

In addition, in term of calligraphy, Venerable Huiyi also has his own special method: He uses the ‘trace’ method, placing a piece of paper over the character ‘Buddha’ and tracing over the character for over a day. On the second day, he uses the ‘sketch’ method, placing the ‘Buddha’ character next to the paper as he writes the character. On the third day, he enters the ‘visualize’ level, in which he looks at an empty piece of paper and visualizes the ‘Buddha’ character rising through the paper before setting his brush on the paper. Venerable Huiyi practice with this method over 200 hundred times per day.

Now, in 10 minutes, he is able to produce the entirety of the Heart Sutra or paint a lotus pond scene. Yet, he always humbly says, “As long as people like my sketches, even taking the time to personally come to the temple to see them, I will always be happy to share with them all. I invite everyone to keep coming to visit the Sutra Transcription Hall and experience the profound practice of sutra transcription.

Date: 5/27 – 7/23
Time: 10:00am – 5pm
Venue: Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery