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Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat
The Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat provides a formal background in Buddhist education while allowing young adults to experience the daily life of a monastic. During the retreat, students will learn how to incorporate Buddhism into daily life through a mix of lectures and hands-on classes from all aspects of Buddhism. In the past, we have had a diverse group of participants, ranging from individuals who are new to Buddhism to those who are preparing for ordination as a monk or nun.

With daily meditation and classes, participants will come out of this retreat with a deeper understanding of mindfulness, and return to the outside world with a new perspective on life. The retreat uses monastic discipline and a strict schedule to provide the ideal atmosphere for spiritual growth.

Come and experience life at a monastery for one full month this summer. Join us to settle down and start anew.

Dates: June 1-30, 2017
Ages: 18 - 40
Fee: $100*
Extended Deadline: May 20, 2017
For inquiries: program@ibps.org or 626-961-9697 ext 118/131
* The fee includes all uniforms, textbooks, school supplies, and room and board for the duration of the retreat. Financial aid is available on a case-by-case basis for those in difficult circumstances.

Classes include: Core Teachings, Humanistic Buddhism, Buddhist Etiquette, Chanting, Vegetarian Cooking, Meditation, Buddhist Art, and Sutra Study.

Tentative Schedule

Requirements and Regulations:
1.Deportment and self-discipline are considered virtues. Proper and decent behavior is expected of all students at all times.
2.Students are expected to uphold the five precepts throughout the retreat. The five precepts are no killing, no stealing, no lying, no sexual activities and no consumption of intoxicant.
3.Students are expected to attend all scheduled activities on time.
4.Students are required to be vegetarian and wear uniform during the retreat.
5.Students are obligated to live in the temple with shared accommodation, but female and male students will live in separate quarters.
6.Students are required to observe silence at scheduled times.
7.Students are expected to participate or assist in temple’s major events.
8.Students are not allowed to leave the temple compounds without authorization, even on day off.
9.Student’s valuables and cellphone will be kept by the teacher during the retreat. However, please refrain from bringing valuables.
10.Students are required to follow all the rules and regulations of the retreat.

Application Process:
1.To register: Click Here
2.E-mail a recent 2” photo to program@ibps.org.
3.An interview is required. A notification to interview will be sent to you. If you live outside the Greater Los Angeles area, you will need to make an appointment with your local FGS branch temple.
4.After interview, you will receive either a Notification of Acceptance or Notification of Declination.