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Instructor: Nancy Cowardin

Fall Term: Wednesdays, Sep 14 - Nov 2

Time: 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Fee: $40 (Material included)

Venue: Meeting Room, Hsi Lai Temple

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Class1: Pencil Drawing
Students will explore the beautiful statues and architecture of the temple, choosing one Buddha to draw as their model for next week's painting class. Focus will be on light and shadow, surface texture, line, and composition. Students will share their drawings at the end of class for support, critique, and additional revisions.

Class 2: Painting a Buddha
Using last week's drawings, students will sketch and paint their chosen Buddhas using acrylic (fast-drying) paints on 12" square (or similar) stretched canvases. Sharing for support and critique will take place at the end of the class.
Homework: Find 1-3 smooth medium-sized rocks for next week's class.

Class 3: Rock Painting
Using found rocks, and/or those provided by the instructor, students will paint one or more objects and varnish the rocks. Models, if used, will include lotuses, fish, temples, and Chinese characters ("Buddha"). Class sharing will incorporate all rocks into a landscape setting for photographing.

Class 4: Buddha-Mobile
Given sticks, string, and materials to create small Buddhas, students will create, assemble, and hang mobiles for a whole-class display.
Homework: Bring a bag of "found" objects and materials next week for an art construction. Suggestions include: sticks, stones, pods and seeds, plastic/paper tubes and packing materials, moss and bark, sequins/glitter/jewels, wood and sawdust, string/ribbon/wire, sand and shells... in short, ANYthing that sparks the imagination!

Class 5: Found Object Art
The class will donate all found objects to a central pile from which to create a Buddha or other symbolic object. Constructions can be glued to boards for hanging or assembled as free-standing sculptures. Paint can also be incorporated to highlight/detail particular forms.

Class 6: Acrylic Painting
Using a display of paintings and photographs, students will be motivated to paint flower-Buddhas on stretched canvases. The "garden" of paintings will be assembled in an outdoor landscape for critique and photographing.
Homework: Start collecting magazines, newspapers, and/or other printed paper materials for collage assembly in two weeks.

Class 7: Creating a "Nicho"
Mexicans art includes small shrines, or "nichos," which incorporate "milagros" (miracles) in the form of small charms, decorative ribbons or flowers, momentos, and paper items. The focus of nichos can be religious devotion (e.g., Buddhas, Bodhisattvas), personal protection (e.g., Apsaras, Guardians, other Buddhist deities), or some combination of the two. Our Nicho sharing will include a special Mexican treat!
Homework: Bring your collage materials for our final class next week.

Class 8: Collage
All printed materials brought to class will be donated to a central table for group sharing. Students will create collages using both pictures and words that depict their personal journey in the Buddhist faith.
Students will share the symbols and meaning of their collages at the end of class. This final sharing may also include display and/or comment regarding any art piece created in the course.

Attempts will be made to display selected art pieces in gallery format (e.g., Harmony Hall) for devotees and visitors to enjoy.

For further information and up-to-date details, please call (626)961-9697 or email program@ibps.org