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Core Teachings — Beginner's Buddhism Class

This course is a guided tour of the most essential aspects of Buddhist wisdom and how they can be applied in our own lives and practice. Core Teachings introduces foundational Buddhist concepts such as the Four Noble Truths, karma, and the five precepts while tying them into our own lives and contexts. Practical and straightforward, this is a course for both newly committed Buddhists and those who are interested in exploring Buddhism. This is a great starting point for those coming to Buddhism for the first time. Students are encouraged to procure their own copies of the text, available from the temple bookstore as well as most online retailers and booksellers.

Fee: $20 per semester.
Dates: September 15 to December 15
Time: Every Sunday 10:40am-12:00pm
Venue: Meeting Room, Hsi Lai Temple
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For further information and up-to-date details, please call (626)961-9697 Ext. 5131 or email outreach@ibps.org