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Buddhist Seeds: Introduction to Buddhism

This semester will plant the seeds of our Buddhist practice. We will cover the life of the historical Buddha and the discoveries he made into the suffering, attachment, and liberation. Through an emphasis on the core teachings of Buddhism, this course will explore concepts such as dependent origination and impermanance, and how we can further our own spiritual practice in relationship to the Noble Eightfold Path.

At each point along this journey, we will examine the modern day application of these teachings. We will discuss how the Four Noble Truths affect our relationship with the modern world, and how to use our new understanding to better alleviate the stresses of daily life. We will study how our perceptions determine the nature of reality and how this can be used to shift our understanding of the world around us. We will also examine how following the Five Precepts can create a life of joy and ease around us. With these teachings as our foundation, this course will develop methods of integrating our new-found wisdom with concrete Buddhist practices that will help us overcome our own suffering and that of the world around us, allowing the seeds of Buddhism to flower within us.

Dates: April 15 to June 17, 2018

Time: Every Sunday 11:00am-12:15pm

Venue: Meeting Room, Hsi Lai Temple

Fee: $20

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