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Advanced Studies in Buddhism

This course features an advanced discussion of the religious developments of Buddhism in India and China, and is recommended for those with a strong foundational understanding of Buddhist teachings. We will examine the development of sectarian Buddhism in India and the philosophical differences which emerged in these communities. We will then travel along the Silk Road with the preeminent monastics who brought Buddhist teachings to central Asia and China, and journey with them in their efforts to spread and translate the sutras. With these figures as a backdrop, this course will also discuss the changes that took place in Buddhist thought when it entered East Asia and the influences and development of the eight Mahayana schools in China.

This course will also examine the concurrent blossoming of Buddhist art as the Dharma spread throughout Asia, and how different cultures developed unique artistic styles. We will explore different cultural and geographic influences on the expression of Buddhist art, from early Indian sculptures to the cave paintings at the Dunhuang caves. Through this dual focus we will learn to appreciate both the philosophical differences and the artistic beauty that has developed through history and is flourishing in our shared Buddhist Garden.

Dates: April 15 to June 17, 2018 (No class on 5/20)

Time: 2:45 – 4:00pm

Venue: Meeting Room, Hsi Lai Temple

Fee: $20

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