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Buddhism & the Body
A rare opportunity to learn about one the most foundational aspects of the Bodhisattva Way with distinguished scholar

Presenter: Dr. Lewis R. Lancaster
Professor Emeritus, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Berkeley
Adjunct Professor, University of the West

Lecture Description:
Buddhist texts and doctrines are often directed toward the human body. This involves: the nature and makeup of the body; the way in which the body develops from conception to birth; rebirth in relationship to the physical body; the mind/brain as an aspect of the body; and the shifts that occur with advanced stages of meditation. In addition, Buddhist monastics have often been medical practitioners and they work with the body in ways that are current in their local culture with adaptations from Buddhist teachings. It is in and through the body that Buddhist practice takes place. The course is aimed at providing students with the information found in the full range of canonic texts as they explain and describe the body within the religious tradition.

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Aug 26 - 28
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Dec 9 - 11

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