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Thank you for your interest. We are no longer accepting applications for 2017 Short-term Monastic Retreat.

What is “Short-term Monastic Retreat”?

In Buddhism, monks and nuns renounce all worldly concerns for the rest of their lives. But that’s not an easy task for the average person, whose everyday focus is on family, friends or the job. That’s why we’re organizing a short-term monastic retreat on behalf of devotees, to provide a moment of true spiritual experience, away from any outside distractions.

Society is often driven by individual desires such as greed, anger and egos; whereas a monastic strives for harmony and simplicity. While people crave material comforts, monks and nuns choose nothing. After renunciation, there’s no concern for money or the latest fads, the only possession being a traditional monastic robe. Yet the monastic’s mind remains content and satisfied.

Retreats offer the chance to find inner peace for ordinary participants. Although the Eight Precepts retreat just allows lay people to spend one night as part of the temple, the short-term monastic retreat permits them to stay for weeks or months. However brief the duration, attendees become a part of the monastic community, abiding by the same rules and goals toward enlightenment together.

We welcome everyone who’s sincerely interested to please register.