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Eight Precepts Retreat

Do you want to experience peace and tranquility?
Do you want to experience monastic life for one day and one night?

In the Eight Precepts Retreat, you will be upholding the eight precepts for one day and one night. Throughout the retreat, you will be learning about the Buddha's teaching, and training the mind through chanting, and meditating.

Retreat Period:

3/24 (Sat 8:00am) to 3/25 (Sun 9:00am)

$20. Please pay your fees when you check in on 3/24


B.L.I.A. member ONLY. Lay male and female Buddhist practitioners of right faith, sound in both mind and body, who wish to observe the Dharma of precepts.

  • This session is limited to those 18 – 60 years of age.
  • Reminders:

  • Participants should be punctual and are expected to fully participate in the entire retreat. Please courteously notify us beforehand if you cannot come.

  • Be respectful of all arrangements made by the Temple and willingly do your best to follow the routine of the congregation without seeking special treatment.

  • All functions are signaled by board and bell. Cell phone/electronics use, alarm clocks, and flashlights are not allowed. Cell phones, etc. will be held for safe keeping by the temple until retreat completion.

  • While in retreat, please do not wear any jewelry, bring any valuables, nor bring any food with you.

  • This is a silent retreat. All meals will be Chinese-style vegetarian food.

  • Classes will generally be conducted in Chinese with English translation, with some classes fully conducted in English.

  • Check-in:

    Promptly at 8am, Saturday, 3/24 at Assembly Room


    Do not park at the Temple complex. Drive to “15930 Glencove Dr.” and go up the hill to the left (9 o’clock position.)

    What to bring:

    1. Black Haiqing Robe and brown Precept Robe (those who have received precepts)

    2. Sleeping bag or blanket (a bed, pillow, and shower gel will be provided)

    3. Dull/light-colored tops and dark pants to layer under uniform

    4. White socks & undergarments to change (laundry facilities will not be available)

    5. Arhat shoes or flat-soled shoes (no slippers/backless sandals please)

    6. Toiletries

    7. Bath towel

    8. Water bottle or lidded cup/mug (thermos-like that can hold hot liquids; disposable cups will not be provided)

    9. Daily medication/allergy medicine

    10. Current photo ID/Driver’s License (kept by Temple while borrowing a translator for English translations of courses in Chinese.)




    Please fill out the online registration form
    Contact Us:

    (626) 961-9697 ext. 118/131 or e-mail: program@ibps.org