2023 Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat

Pause. Think. Start Anew.

The Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in 2 weeks of authentic Chinese Buddhist monastic life. At the monastery, participants will see the world from a new perspective and have the opportunity to develop greater happiness and well-being which can be shared with all the lives they touch in the future.

Retreatants will learn and practice the various aspects of Humanistic Buddhism and develop one’s inner potential and establish good interpersonal relations. Classes will cover Buddhist Practices, Core Teachings of Buddhism and Buddhist Art and Music, and practicum includes Buddhist Etiquette, Meditation, Calligraphy, Communal Chores and more.

Retreat Details:

◎  ** Applications cut-off date is May 25th 2023 **

◎  Date:  June 18 – July 2, 2023

◎  Ages:  16-45

◎  Location:  FGS Hsi Lai Temple, 3456 Glenmark Drive, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

◎  **All applicants will be interviewed before acceptance into the retreat

◎  **Further details will be sent out to successful applicants

◎  Should you have any questions, please contact the retreat admin team via email at outreach@ibps.org

Retreat Schedule:

After retreatants check-in, there will be a full day of orientation to the monastic lifestyle, followed by just over a week of morning meditation, Buddhist studies classes, getting to know the monastery, Buddhist practices, communal work, vegetarian meals, Dharma talks, group discussions, and evening chanting. A sample daily schedule looks something like this.

Time Activity
06:00Morning Wakeup
06:30—07:10Morning Exercise and Meditation
09:00—10:50Classes: Buddhist Teachings and Traditions
11:00—11:20Transcribing Heart Sutra
12:00—12:15Walking Meditation
12:15—13:20Noon Break
13:30—15:20Classes: Buddhist Practices / Monastic Activities
15:30—16:30Communal Work
16:40—17:50Shower / Laundry
18:00—18:30Medicine Meal (Dinner)
18:30—19:00Evening Chores
19:00—19:50Chanting Practice/Group Discussion/Reflections
20:00—21:20Evening Chanting
22:00Lights Out

The retreat will culminate in a 1 or 2-day silent intensive cultivation/meditation retreat, putting the theory to practice, to understand the mind as deep as one can go. The following is a sample of what it is like:

Time Activity
06:00Wake up
09:00—09:30Tea & Instruction
12:00—12:20Walking Meditation
12:20—13:10Noon Break
15:10—15:40Tea & Instruction
15:40—17:45Chores / Shower
18:00—18:30Medicine Meal
19:00—19:30Chan Talk
22:00Lights Out