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Wood-firing Ceramics Exhibition by Artist Huang Da An

Ceramic art works are with the beauty and philosophy of life: an embodiment of passion, endeavor, and respect of impermanence .

Huang Da An, a self-taught artist, renovates the traditional wood-firing ceramic art with his passion and decade-long experiment. Huang discovered a new way of using the traditional wisdom to translate the ancient art into the contemporary mode of art that resonate with the aesthetic ideals of this era—the deepest meaning Huang’s work would want to convey.

We look forward to sharing this beauty of nature brought by the harmonious collaboration between human and the Nature with a series of local and international exhibitions.

Huang Da An was born in 1950 and served as a grade school teacher for most of his life. During his spared time, he dedicated himself to hiking in the mountains in Taiwan, appreciating the sublimity of the wild nature and experiencing the change of the surroundings—as the altitude reaches higher, temperature drops, vegetation changes; once cloudless, later misty were the mountains. The unpredictability itself is a beauty.

When Huang encountered the ceramic art and decided to master it, he began to think how to bring the transient beauty of the mountains into his work, and subsequently to the day to day life of others. For him, the wood-firing ceramic art is the way to crystallise the magnificience of the forest and wild life in his mind: a combination of earth and wood. Through the transforming wood fire, the colours and patterns of nature are infused to the day to day objects—yet, still a wonder of nature.


2011/07 — Huang Da An Wood Fired Ceramics Solo Exhibition, Art and Culture Exhibition Hall of FGS Pu Hsien Temple, Taiwan

2012/12 — Pine Wind and Scudding Cloud-Green, Pottery, Stone, Wood, and Living Images Exhibition, Fo Guang Yuan Kaohsiung Art Gallery, Taiwan

2013/09 — Beijing Design Week 2013-Beauty of Handmade, Beijing Royal Granary, China

2013/09 — Beijing Design Week 2013-Taiwan Design Hall, 751 D. Park, Beijing China

2013/12 — Design Shanghai 2013-City of Handmade, Power Station of Art, Shanghai China

2014/09 — Hidden Hills and Wood Fired Works-Huang Da An Solo Exhibition, Fo Guang Yuan Main Art Gallery, Taiwan

2014/09 — Beijing Design Week 2014-Beauty of Handmade, Caochangdi Art Village, Beijing China

2014/11 — Bringing the Arts to Life-Beauty of the Handmade and Daily Necessities, Left Right Art Zone Songzhuang, Beijing China

2014/12 — 100 Art and Design, 798 White Box Art Center, Beijing China

2015/05 — Tianjin International Design Week-Memory and Dreams, Huang Da An Wood Fired Ceramic Solo Exhibition, Beining Park E1 Exhibition Hall, Tianjin China

2015/06 — Huang Da An Wood Fired Ceramic Solo Exhibition, Rong Bao Zhai, Beijing China

2015/09 — A Dialogue between Ceramic and Wood-The Wood Fired Ceramic Arts Road of Huang Da An, The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing China

2015/10 — Handmade Group Exhibition, 52, Sunhe Village, Beijing China

2015/12 — Here East, West Lake 101 City Meeting Hall, Hangzhou China

2016/03 — The Collision of Art Imagine-Transboundary Creative Art and Design Exhibition, Cloud Art Center, Shanghai China

2016/04 — Suzhou Cultural & Creative Design Fair, Suzhou International Expo Center, China

Exhibition Dates: 7/4 – 9/8 (Closed on Monday)
Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Tel: 626 - 961-9697
Venue: Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Art Gallery