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Dear Dharma Friends,

The 2019 Ullambana Festival (the month of filial piety) is approaching soon. To emulate the Arhat Maudgalyayana’s memorialization of his mother and promote the virtue of filial piety and repaying kindness, Hsi Lai Temple will be conducting the Filial Piety Emperor Liang Repentance Dharma Service from July 28–August 4 and the Yogacara Offering Service on August 4. Merits gained from these Dharma services will be dedicated to the ancestors and departed loved ones so that they may be reborn in the Buddha’s pure land. This is also a good opportunity to repent transgressions, purify the minds, and nurture the wisdom.

In addition, during the entire seventh lunar month (from August 1 to August 29), the monastics will lead devotees to chant the Ksitigarbha Sutra every morning and evening in the Main Shrine, and transfer all merits to the devotees and benefactors’ parents, ancestors, and loved ones. You and your family are most welcome to attend the services and share in the Dharma joy.

May the Triple Gem bless you and your family!

Yours in the Dharma,      
Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple      

Dates: 7/28 – 8/4
Download Emperor Liang Repentance Dharma Service Registration Form
Tel: 626 - 961-9697
Venue: Main Shrine, Hsi Lai Temple

Yogacara Offering: 8/4
Time: 2:00pm

Emperor Liang’s Repentance Service:
  1. Patron, Sponsor, Co-sponsor
  2. Large Plaque, Small Plaque, Open Donation Plaque
  3. Flower, Fruit, and Universal Offering: Open donation
  4. Food Offering

Filial Piety Emperor Liang Repentance Dharma Service Schedule

11:00amNoon Offering
2:00pmEmperor Liang Repentance Service (Scroll 1)
7:30pmEmperor Liang Repentance Service (Scroll 2)
7/29 to 8/2Monday to Friday11:00amNoon Offering
7:30pmEmperor Liang Repentance Service (Scroll 3 to 7)
8/3Saturday9:00amEmperor Liang Repentance Service (Scroll 8)
11:30amNoon Offering
2:00pmEmperor Liang Repentance Service (Scroll 9)
7:30pmEmperor Liang Repentance Service (Scroll 10)
8/4Sunday9:30amDedication of Merits
2:00pmYoga Flaming Mouth Offering Service