Encyclopedia of Buddhist Arts

The Encyclopedia of Buddhist Arts is the first comprehensive compilation of Buddhist art from around the world. It contains nearly 10,000 entries and over 14,000 full-color images to serve the needs of scholars and general readers alike, making it an excellent reference book for libraries. The encyclopedia’s broad range of entries makes it an important resource to the fields of Art History, Anthropology, Asian Studies, History, and Religious Studies.

The monumental 20-volume collection includes one index volume and is divided into 8 categories:
  • Architecture (4 volumes)
  • Caves and Rock Carvings (5 volumes)
  • Sculpture (4 volumes)
  • Painting (3 volumes)
  • Calligraphy (1/2 volume)
  • Seal Engraving (1/2 volume)
  • Artifacts and Decorative Arts (1 volume)
  • People (1 volume)
The encyclopedia took over a decade to produce, with hardworking monastics and international scholars ensuring that the description and explanation of each entry is accurate in regards to both the academic field and religious tradition.

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