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4-29-2018Hsi Lai Temple Enters the Community at the Victorian Fair
4-29-2018Flower Arrangement Class Views Movie “Flower and Sword”
4-29-2018Three Acts of Goodness Badminton Cup – Making Friends through Sports
4-29-2018Seven-Day Meditation Retreat – Practicing On and Off the Meditation Cushion
4-28-2018Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Attends Overseas Chinese Sports Competition
4-28-2018Hsi Lai Girl Scouts Troop 18894 holds CPR Training
4-26-2018Interfaith Appreciation Dinner – Hsi Lai Temple Joins the Discussion
4-25-2018Meditative Calligraphy Class shows Mindfulness through Ink
4-24-2018Hsi Lai Temple Presents Buddhism to Community Residents
4-22-2018Temple Stay for Young Adults: Unceasingly Favorable Responses
4-22-2018Earth Day – Dharma School for Youth Offers Thanks
4-22-2018Free Lecture on US Immigration and Green Cards to Clarify Issues for the Local Community
4-22-2018Buddha’s Light Publications Attends Largest Book Exhibition for the 17th Year
4-22-2018Fo Guang Shan International Translation Center attends Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
4-17-2018Senior Activity Program Prepares for a Day of Fluttering Flowers and Grasses
4-15-2018English Buddhist Service: Touching the Local Population, Slowly Developing Spirituality
4-15-2018English Buddhist Service: Touching the Local Population, Slowly Developing Spirituality
4-13-2018Two-Day Meditation Retreat for University of the West Master of Divinity Chaplaincy Students
4-10-2018Senior Activity Program – Creativity Takes Flight
4-8-2018Dharma School for Youth: A Robotic Hand beings its Life
4-7-2018Grand Presentation of the Encyclopedia of Buddhist Arts Donated to 17 Institutions
4-4-2018University of the West Common Ground Week: Learning About Humanistic Buddhism
4-3-2018Tea & Meditation Offers the Taste of a Deep Exploration of the Mind

3-31-2018Hsi Lai School PTA Healthy Eating Lecture
3-31-2018Hsi Lai School Poetry Lectures - Learning How to Speak with Joy
3-31-2018Venerable Yikong Discusses Master Hsing Yun’s Collected Works during Humanistic College
3-31-2018Hsi Lai Temple and UWest VITA: Free Tax Service for 10th Consecutive Year
3-28-2018How Much of Life’s Reality Do You Know? Ven. Yikong Discuss the Great Matters of Life with Humor
3-26-201870 Clinical Psychology PhD Candidates Get a Taste of the Dharma
3-25-2018Chinese Characters Cultural Festival – Students and Volunteers Demonstrate Extraordinary Talent
3-25-2018Eight Precepts Retreat Attracts Over 100 for Spiritual Refreshment
3-23-20186th Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat Begins - Changing Ourselves to Gather the Treasures of Buddhism
3-18-2018Pinewood Derby Competition - Cub Scouts Show Skill and Creativity
3-17-2018North American Devotees Gathering: 500 Members Discuss The Complete Works of Venerable Master Hsing Yun
3-11-2018BLIA Young Adult Division: Los Angeles Gathering
3-10-2018Hsi Lai School Poetry Contest: 100 Students Express the Feelings of the Ancients
3-10-2018Neighborhood Party: Celebrating the New Year with Surrounding Community
3-8-2018Appreciation Dinner with Creativity and Surprises
3-7-2018Hacienda La Puente School District Tours Hsi Lai School, Promoting Character Development in Public Education
3-4-2018Cloud, Water, and Chan Mind Retreat Attracts 100 Youth to Start Again with their Own Choices
3-2-2018Lantern Festival for Local Residents
3-2-2018Hsi Lai School Celebrates Lantern Festival with Unlimited Creativity and Culture

2-28-2018Southern California Chinese Buddhist Monastic Association: Various Elder Masters Come to Hsi Lai Temple for Chinese New Year Get-together
2-25-2018Hsi Lai Temple Wishes 1500 Vietnamese Guests “A Family Legacy of Loyalty and Honor.”
2-25-2018Hsi Lai Temple Holds “Offerings to the Buddhas and Celestial Beings Ceremony”, Everyone Obtained Dharma Joy.
2-20-2018Fifth Day of the Chinese New Year: BLIA-LA White Tower and Choir Subchapters Join Together Again to Hold Lantern Festival.
2-19-2018Thousands visit Hsi Lai Temple’s International Candy Exhibition for a delightful and joyous welcoming of the New Year.
2-19-2018BLIA-LA Los Angeles, Westminster, and Riverside Subchapters join together to host Lantern Festival.
2-17-2018Hsi Lai Temple Volunteers Show the Spirit of the “Four Givings” by Offering a Perfect Spring Festival.
2-16-2018Hsi Lai Temple celebrates “A Family Legacy of Loyalty and Honor” with New Year performances enjoyed by all
2-11-2018Hsi Lai Temple’s Hospitality and Traffic Control Departments Go Through Chinese New Year Training.
2-10-2018Scout’s Ten Commandments Hike Introduces the Five Precepts and Encouraged the “Three Acts of Goodness”
2-8-2018 Hsi Lai Temple’s 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration Press Conference, Welcoming the Year of the Dog.
2-4-2018 Hsi Lai Boy Scout Troupe holds Crossover Ceremony in accordance with Boy Scout Law, entering a new stage of life
2-4-2018Hsi Lai Temple Cleaning Day – Out with the old, in with the new, in preparation for Spring Festival
2-3-2018Hsi Lai Temple English Volunteers Tea Party

1-28-2018Hsi Lai Temple Celebrates Dharma Day: Los Angeles Devotees Produce a Creative Collective Accomplishment
1-27-2018Asia-Pacific Chinese New Year Cultural Celebration: BLIA Riverside and Tea Meditation Group Join in Cooperation
1-24-2018Hsi Lai Temple forms ties with the Greater Los Angeles Area through Laba Porridge
1-21-2018Hsi Lai Temple Winter Retreat: American students repay kindness
1-21-2018Fo Guang Shan Boy Scouts “Safety Seminar” promote Three Acts of Goodness to resist bullying
1-21-2018 Hsi Lai Temple Dharma Day Celebration – Many Performances Share the Stage
1-21-2018 “I am the Buddha.” Hsi Lai Temple celebrates Dharma Day with book readings, chanting, and personal reflection.
1-20-2018Hsi Lai Senior’s Group: An unbroken tradition of joy
1-13-2018Buddhist Lecture at Hope International University: Dharma in Daily Life
1-10-2018Buddha’s Light Youth Symphony Orchestra performs at Hacienda Heights Improvement Association 70th Anniversary Celebration.
1-7-20182018 – A Fresh New Year: BLIA Los Angeles Chapter 10th Session holds first meeting
1-7-2018Hsi Lai Temple Blood Drive: Combining kind hearts with kind action.
1-7-20182018 Youth Retreat experiences diversity of religions
1-1-20182018 New Year Music Concert: Turning the first page of 2018