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12-17-2017Bilingual Eight Precepts Retreat held at Hsi Lai Temple spreading the joy of the Dharma
12-16-2017Caring for the community: Donating winter clothes, keeping others warm
12-16-2017Creating snow skin deserts allow parents of Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School to also learn
12-16-2017Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Recitation Competition uses Literary Culture to make Audible Art
12-16-2017BLIA LA Young Adult Division holds banquet at Hsi Lai Temple
12-16-2017Receiving a precious gift: Venerable Yi Kong discusses Pure Land Practice.
12-16-2017Hsi Lai Temple Delivers Toys to Frost Fest Event at the Hacienda Heights Community Center
12-15-2017A bustling exhibition of China’s preeminent Buddhist artist: Xueyan Jiang
12-10-2017Young Adults Experience Living Like Buddhist Monastics at a Buddhist Temple
12-7-2017Food Donated to Hacienda Heights Baptist Church
12-4-2017 Federal Representatives arrive at Hsi Lai Temple as part of the California Pilgrimage.
12-3-201728 People Practice a Day of Silence and Meditation at Hsi Lai Temple
12-2-20172017 BLIA-Los Angeles Annual General Meeting
12-1-2017Hsi Lai Temple Delivers Toys to Event Hosted by ABC7 and Southern California Firefighters
11-26-2017Largest Buddhist Temple in Southern California Holds 30th Anniversary Celebration
11-20-2017Arcadia Holy Angels Church holds “Giving Thanks for our Families of Faith” event.
11-19-2017Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat Concludes – The Path of Buddhism Connecting with Others
11-19-2017BLIA Los Angeles Senior Advisor Committee holds Steering Committee Elections, Distilling Talent for a Bright Future.
11-19-2017Abbot of Dharmakaya International Meditation Center brings delegation to make offerings at Hsi Lai Temple.
11-15-2017Los Angeles County Officials Arrive at Hsi Lai Temple for a Transcendent Experience.
11-12-2017BLIA Los Angeles’s Newly Appointed President takes office, living up to everyone’s expectations.
11-12-2017Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Hosts Thanksgiving Fundraising Fair
11-11-2017BLIA Los Angeles 10th Committee Member Election: Propagating Buddhism and recruiting new members.
11-11-2017 Exploring the World of Buddhist Arts at Hsi Lai Temple
11-8-2017Consultation Committee Meeting discusses how Religion Changes the World
11-5-2017Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat Students Show their care for the elders, manifesting the compassion of the Bodhisattva with the vigor of youth.
11-5-2017Hsi Lai School Students Attend Pencil Calligraphy Competition
11-5-2017BLIA Los Angeles Arcadia Subchapter holds 15th Annual Free Health Clinic
11-3-2017Hsi Lai Temple Celebrates Mexican “Day of the Dead” Holiday
11-3-2017Marriage Before the Buddha: Another Buddhist Family Begins at Hsi Lai Temple
10-31-2017Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Autumn Parent and Child Creativity Contest shows the pinnacle of creativity.
10-31-2017 BLIA Los Angeles Arcadia Subchapter holds press conference
10-29-2017Children experience great Halloween adventure at Hsi Lai Temple
10-28-2017Walking in nature let students learn outside the classroom.
10-28-2017Hsi Lai School Costume Contest: Parents and Children Flex Their Creative Muscles
10-28-2017Annual Winter Love Joy Scholarship Ceremony at Hsi Lai Temple
10-27-2017Hsi Lai Temple Responds to the Needs of the Homeless
10-26-2017Hsi Lai Temple Monastics and Laity work together to serve the vulnerable
10-22-2017The Design of “Cloud and Water Mobile Library” on the Altar for Double Ninth Memorial Service
10-22-2017Free Flu Shots at Hsi Lai Temple Builds Community Cooperation
10-21-2017Group photo of Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat students and BLIA LA YAD 2 members
10-19-2017 Hsi Lai Temple Attends Event Commending Public Safety Officers
10-18-2017Hsi Lai’s Youth Joins AIDS Walk Los Angeles
10-15-2017Google and Raytheon Engineers Inspire Youth at Hsi Lai Temple
10-10-2017Hsi Lai Temple and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Join Forces
10-8-2017Buddhism News Writing Training Held at Hsi Lai Temple
10-8-2017 Third Annual Hsi Lai BLIA Cup Basketball Tournament
10-4-2017Hsi Lai Temple Celebrates Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with Senator Tony Mendoza
9-30-2017 New Terms Starts at Hsi Lai Temple’s School of Humanistic Buddhism
9-30-201740 Youth Arrive at the Temple to Enrich Their Lives.
9-23-2017Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School holds Calligraphy Competition
9-23-2017 Swap Meet Held to Raise Money for Abused Women and Children.
9-21-2017Interfaith International Day of Peace Celebration – Peace begins with you.
9-17-2017Hsi Lai Temple Holds Blood Drive.
9-16-2017BLIA LA Clean the Beach and their Minds, Protecting the Environment
9-11-2017300 People Recite Medicine Buddha Mantra on Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s Birthday
9-10-2017BLIA Los Angeles Visit San Diego by Train
9-9-2017Happily Studying Chinese – BLHLS’s Chinese School Begins
9-3-201770 Young Adults attend Water Cloud and Chan Mind Camp
9-2-2017English Dharma Service: Connecting with the Buddha
9-1-2017English Dharma Service: Connecting with the Buddha
8-27-2017Hsi Lai Temple Holds Yogacara Offering Service
8-26-2017Veteran Young Adult Division (YAD) Members Share Ideas About Group’s Future.
8-22-2017Hsi Lai Senior’s Class: Studying and Making Life More Vibrant.
8-20-2017Thousands Gather to Take Part in Repentance Service
8-13-2017BLIA LA-YAD 2 Holds Elections.
8-12-2017Hsi Lai Senior’s Class Attends Outdoor Science Workshop
8-6-2017BLIA Los Angeles Attends “Sounds of the Human World Singing Contest”
8-5-2017Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat Members Meet At Fo Guang Shan Taiwan
8-5-2017 Entrepreneurs Enjoy Dharma Discussions at Hsi Lai Temple
8-2-2017Representative Janice Hahn Visits Hsi Lai Temple
8-1-2017Hsi Lai Senior Class Experience “Tea Meditation.”

7-30-2017Venerable Huei Kai’s Buddhist Studies English Lecture – The Viewpoint of Sustainability of Life
7-29-2017Venerable Huei Kai’s Buddhist Studies English Lecture – The Viewpoint of Sustainability of Life
7-27-2017Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School’s Three Acts of Goodness’s Summer Camp Successfully Concludes.
7-23-2017Hsi Lai School Offers Singing & Dancing at Sangha Day Celebration
7-23-2017Hsi Lai Temple Holds Grand and Prosperous Sangha Day celebration.
7-22-2017 Hsi Lai Temple Short-term Monastic Retreat’s Preceptees Successfully Terminate the Monastic Precepts.
7-20-2017Ven. Huei Kai’s Lecture on “The Ultimate Concern of Life and Death”
7-19-2017Hsi Lai Temple Short-Term Monastic Retreat for Youth – Novice Monks, One of the Four Small Things Not to Be Taken Lightly
7-18-2017Hsi Lai Temple Short-Term Monastic Retreat, Allowing Participants a Taste of Monastic Life.
7-16-2017Ven. Hui Chuan’s lecture on Buddhism – Establishing One’s Brand-“Rising Dawn of Success.”
7-15-2017Ven. Hui Chuan Reviews the Past with the First Batch of Young Adult Division’s (YAD) Members.
7-15-2017The 2017 International Buddha's Light Young Adult Executive Conference comes to a successful conclusion
7-15-2017Wishing BLIA LA Rowland Heights Subchapter Member Happiness as She Takes the Groom’s Hand in Marriage to Grow Old Together
7-15-2017 The Humanistic Path of the Bodhisattva: If I Can’t Do it, Who Can?
7-14-2017The “Three Acts of Goodness’s Children Summer Camp” Visits Legoland
7-14-2017The Night of Buddha’s Light: The compassion of the Buddhist youth radiates around the world
7-14-2017The American Situation: Humanistic Buddhism in America
7-14-2017Buddhist Youth hold “Overcoming Hardships and Achieving Dreams” Forum at Hsi Lai Temple
7-12-2017YAD Reports – Promoting the Humanistic Buddhism
7-12-2017Hsi Lai Temple Holds Interfaith Youth Forum
7-11-2017After 15 years, the Youth of Five Continents Again Assemble at Hsi Lai Temple
7-11-20172017 International Buddha's Light Young Adult Executive Conference-Consensus and Openness
7-10-2017The 2017 International Buddha's Light Young Adult Executive Conference: Hsi Lai Temple Volunteers Ready to Welcome Buddhism’s Youth
7-8-2017Study Group from Pu-Men High School Arrive from Taiwan to Tour Hsi Lai Temple
7-6-2017PIH Health Whittier Hospital Chaplain invites Hsi Lai Temple Venerable to Introduce Buddhist perspectives on Life and Death
7-4-2017BLIA LA English Subchapter Prepares a Decorated Rooster Parade Float for Upcoming 4th of July Parade
7-3-2017BLIA LA English Subchapter Prepares a Decorated Rooster Parade Float for Upcoming 4th of July Parade
7-2-2017BLIA LA Irvine Subchapter Promotes Right View at Laguna Woods Village
7-1-2017BLIA LA Members Clean the Streets, Serving the Community in Preparation for the Independence Day
7-1-2017Hsi Lai Temple holds Baby Blessing Ceremony, Passing on Buddhist Beliefs to the Next Generation

6-30-2017Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat Closing Ceremony and Exhibition
6-29-2017A Brilliant Ending to the Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat –A 3-day Meditation Retreat and Dharma Talk by Venerable Yi Kung.
6-28-2017A Brilliant Ending to the Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat – A 3-day Meditation Retreat and Dharma Talk by Venerable Yi Kung.
6-28-20172017 Buddha Light Cup International College Basketball Invitational Tournament Pre-Competition Meeting
6-27-2017Hsi Lai Temple Senior’s Class hold hand-crafted arts class, making paper garlands in preparation for Independence Day
6-26-2017Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat – Inviting scholars from across interdisciplinary fields.
6-25-2017 Taiwanese teachers-in-training travel across the sea and are received by Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Principal Venerable Hui Dong.
6-25-2017Boy scouts receive “Wood Badge,” the highest badge awarded for troupe leaders – the scouting horn again sounds in Hsi Lai Temple.
6-25-2017Hsi Lai Temple’s 7-Day Meditation Retreat – Starting to see into our own minds and Buddha Nature
6-25-2017Hsi Lai Temple Buddha's Light Children's Summer Camp: “Change Begins with you”
6-24-2017The Head of Changhua County Taiwan visits Hsi Lai Temple during “Ecofriendly” Inspection Tour.
6-24-2017BLIA Los Angeles Arcadia Subchapter attends American Cancer Society Relay for Life event
6-20-2017Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat – Encountering Buddhism Outside the Temple
6-19-2017Hsi Lai Temple Presents Encyclopedia of Buddhist Arts to Hacienda Heights Public Library
6-18-2017Happily donating blood, one drop at a time
6-17-2017BLIA Los Angeles Redondo Beach Subchapter Happily Discuss the Dharma at their Summertime Tea Party
6-14-2017The Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat: Various Classes-Equal Emphasis on Understanding and Practice
6-11-2017BLIA Los Angeles Monterey Park Subchapter Birthday Dinner
6-11-2017Buddha’s Light Youth Symphony Orchestra performs majestic and moving music
6-10-2017Hsi Lai Temple’s “Buddhist Wedding Ceremony:” An opportune marriage beneath the Throne to the Triple Gem
6-9-2017Students from Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School’s “Three Acts of Goodness Garden” Class Expressed Feelings by Paintings
6-8-2017Hsi Lai Temple Attends LA Police Departments Interfaith Discussion
6-5-2017Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Summer Camp: Bodhi Sprouts practice the Three Acts of Goodness
6-4-2017Buddha’s Light Publications at the New York 2017 BookExpo America spreading the seeds of Humanistic Buddhism
6-4-2017BLIA Los Angeles Joint Conference
6-2-2017Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Happy Summer Camp teaches students to cherish all living things.
6-1-2017Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat – Students let go of their burdens and happily listen to the Dharma

5-29-2017Hsi Lai Temple Senior Class Celebrates Dragon Boat Festival
5-28-2017BLIA Los Angeles Young Adults Division Training Camp Meeting the Challenge – Change Starts with You
5-27-2017Venerable Hui Yi’s Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition: Using the pen to manifest the meditative spirit
5-27-2017Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat Closing Ceremony: Young Scholars Finding A Hidden Land of Peace in Life.
5-23-2017Offering Tea: Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School’s After School Class Offers Different Closing Ceremony
5-23-2017Buddhist Groups Come Together to Celebrate the Buddha’s Birthday
5-21-2017Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Poetry Competition a Resounding Success
5-21-2017Thousands Bathe the Buddha at the Southern California Joint Celebration of the Buddha’s Birthday
5-20-2017Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Graduation Ceremony Concludes a School Term Marked with Great Successes
5-16-201721 Media Outlets Cover Press Conference of 2017 Joint Celebration of the Buddha’s Birthday.
5-14-2017“2017 Temple Stay for Young Adults” Introduces the Dharma Through Many Different Courses.
5-14-2017Hsi Lai Temple’s Caring May – the thoughtfulness of the Buddha’s Light, the Love of a Caring Mother
5-13-2017Mr. and Mrs. J.P Wang Awarded Honorary Doctorates from University of the West
5-10-2017 Hsi Lai Temple Invited to take part in Dhammakaya Temple’s Buddha’s Birthday Celebration
5-7-2017University of the West chaplaincy students attend Hsi Lai Temple Five Precepts Retreat
5-7-2017Hsi Lai Temple holds Five Precepts and Triple Gem Refuge Ceremony to celebrate the Buddha’s Birthday
5-4-2017Los Angeles Mayor Host Interfaith Meeting
5-4-2017Hsi Lai Temple attends Arcadia Methodist Hospital Interfaith Prayer for World Peace event
5-4-2017Hsi Lai Temple Represents Buddhism at Pomona Valley Hospital’s National Day of Prayer Event

4-29-2017For Sports Fans, Lively Badminton Competition Opens
4-29-2017Hsi Lai Temple Art Gallery Exhibits Calligraphy and Chinese Paintings
4-27-2017Most Venerable Hsin Bao lectures on “Nothing to gain from within.”
4-22-2017Fo Guang Shan Water and Land Dharma Service Successfully Concludes
4-17-2017Americas Region Fo Guang Shan Benefactors’ Awards Presented at Hsi Lai Temple
4-16-2017Water and Land Dharma Service: Preparing the Inner Altar
4-11-2017Amitabha Triple Contemplation Service: Preparing for the People’s Arrival in the Pure Land
4-10-2017Overview of the Water and Land Dharma Service
4-8-201710,000 Lives Converge: The Water and Land Dharma Service begins.
4-1-2017Buddha’s Light Youth Symphony Orchestra Introduces Buddhist Music
4-1-2017“The First Chinese Contemporary Buddhist Art Tour of the United States”

3-26-2017Filial Gratitude: A Memorial Service of Thanksgiving at Skyrose Chapel
3-26-2017Passing on Chinese Culture: Traditional-Chinese Character Celebration
3-25-2017 The Most Venerable Hsin Pei speaks to Los Angeles about the true meaning of the Dharma: How to experience life through suffering, emptiness, impermanence and no-self.
3-22-2017University of the West Students & Temple Stay Participants Experience Monastic Life at Hsi Lai Temple/a>
3-22-2017Breaking the Barriers at Life’s Turning Point
3-22-2017Hsi Lai Temple Honors Los Angeles County Sheriff Department with Certificate of Appreciation
3-19-2017“How Much Do You Know About the Water and Land Dharma Service?” by Venerable Yi Kung
3-12-2017Venerable Yi Kung uses clever language to discuss the Chan stories that have fascinated the people of Southern California
3-11-20172017 Veggie Gala Fundraiser Hosted by BLIA Los Angeles - Young Adults Divisions
3-11-20172017 VITA Free Tax Service offered at Hsi Lai Temple to the People of Los Angeles
3-11-2017 Jade Buddhist Carving Unveiled
3-4-2017The Essence of Chinese Culture: 2017 Chinese Poetry Recitation Competition
3-4-2017BLIA Los Angeles Arcadia Subchapter 2017 Friendship Celebration was Lively, Bustling, and Warm
3-3-2017To Experience for One’s Self the Truth of the Buddha’s Teaching

2-28-2017Hsi Lai Temple Senior Class Combines Talents and Aesthetics
2-26-2017“You Have Worked So Hard, We are Glad to Have You”
2-25-2017Members of BLIA LA: Cultivating Happiness and Pursing Joy
2-25-2017Religious Forum: Beyond the Veil – Life After Death
2-25-2017Hsi Lai Temple Art Gallery Opens “Auspicious Spring Festival Pictures” Exhibition
2-23-2017The North American Consensus Meeting: Cultural Tour Enriching for All
2-19-2017BLIA LA Monterey Park Subchapter Hosts Lively “2017 Spring Festival Banquet”
2-19-2017BLIA LA White Tower Subchapter Holds Chinese New Year Banquet, Wishing All Peace and Happiness
2-19-2017Exploring the Wisdom of the Dharma through “Water, Cloud, and Chan Mind Retreat”
2-19-2017BLIA LA Subchapters Tea Party Strengthens the Aspiration for Enlightenment
2-18-2017Venerable Miao Guang Discusses “The Mind.”
2-18-2017Hsi Lai Temple’s Neighborhood Party – Passing on Buddha’s Light and Love
2-18-2017A Happy Marriage Bond at Hsi Lai Temple
2-17-2017BLIA LA Rowland Heights Subchapter - The Golden Rooster Welcoming the New Year
2-16-2017Hsi Lai Temple’s Appreciation Dinner Welcomes Guests with Vegetarian Banquet
2-14-2017Hsi Lai Temple was praised for Chinese New Year’s Festival Events
2-14-2017New Semester of Hsi Lai Temple’s Senior Class, Seniors Sharing Life Experiences
2-12-2017Tea Party Thanking BLIA LA Members for Cultivating Themselves through Hard Work
2-11-2017Hsi Lai Temple Shows Ethnic Harmony at Lantern Festival
2-10-2017US Congressman Ed Royce Brings Staff Members to Hsi Lai Temple
2-5-2017Thousands Participated in the “Offering to the Buddhas and Celestial Guardians Dharma Service”
2-5-2017Vietnamese Buddhist Temples Visit Hsi Lai Temple during Chinese New Year for 27 Years

1-31-2017BLIA Los Angeles Subchapters Organized “Festival of Light and Peace”
1-29-2017Dharma Protectors on the Front Line
1-28-2017 BLIA LA Riverside Subchapter Steps Up as Thousands Attend Chinese New Year Celebration
1-28-2017Hsi Lai Temple New Year’s Greeting: “Rising Dawn of Success”
1-24-2017Press Conference for Chinese New Year Festival held at Hsi Lai Temple
1-22-2017Venerable Huei Kai discusses “The Ultimate Concern of Life and Death.”
1-21-2017Hsi Lai Temple Represented Buddhism at Catholic Mass
1-21-2017Venerable Huei Kai holds English lecture on “A Modern Buddhist Reflection on Life and Death”
1-21-2017Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Celebrates Chinese New Year
1-18-2017BLIA LA Members Deliver Meals to the Homeless
1-17-2017Hsi Lai Temple’s Senior Class hosts End-of-Term New Year’s Banquet
1-15-2017Dharma Day Celebration: English-Speakers Share Their Experiences
1-15-2017Dharma Day Celebration: BLIA Los Angeles holds “Dharma Day Reading and Presentation Workshop”
1-14-2017Whittier College Students Attend Winter Retreat at Hsi Lai Temple
1-14-2017Hsi Lai Temple Community Prepares to Welcome the New Year
1-11-2017Hacienda Heights Improvement Association Honors Hsi Lai Temple
1-8-2017Six Members of Hsi Lai Scouts were awarded “Wood Badge”
1-8-2017 BLIA Los Angeles holds “Dharma Day Reading and Presentation Workshop”
1-8-2017BLIA LA Young Adult Division: Retrospection on the Buddhist Youth Experience
1-8-2017IBPS South Bay holds Spring Festival Tea Party
1-7-2017Eight Major Religions Join to Pray for Peace at Hsi Lai Temple
1-5-2017Hsi Lai Temple celebrates Dharma Day by serving Laba Porridge
1-1-2017Buddha’s Light Youth Symphony Orchestra Welcomes the New Year with Music
1-1-201760 Couples Renew their Marriage Vows