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Free Flu Shots for Los Angeles Residents
October 16, 2016

With another flu season soon approaching, Hsi Lai Temple, in conjunction with Whittier Hospital, Walgreens Pharmacy, and Western University Pharmacy medical staff worked to give free flu shots to Los Angeles residents on October 16, 2016.

Deborah Boudreaux from Whittier Hospital said the vaccine is pre-filled in the needle and is smaller than last year; it can shorten the time and reduce the injection of tension and fear. Many beneficiaries said they did not feel any pain this year. Deborah also mentioned why people should get flu shots, as it is the most effective way to prevent the rapid epidemic of the flu, and vaccination for the whole family is even better. Whittier Hospital provided 250 doses of vaccine so that elderly, women, children, those with chronic diseases and the general public could receive services to increase antibodies.

Approximately 125 people made appointments and 104 people walked in. Hsi Lai Temple hopes that through the activity, people can improve their immunity for the winter season.

To thank the medical staff’s hard work administering vaccinations, Hsi Lai Temple gave a special gift of Humanistic Buddhism: A Blueprint for Life to each worker.