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Hsi Lai Temple Attended the Homeland Heroes Public Safety Appreciation Luncheon
October 6, 2016

On October 6, on behalf of Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple, Ven. Youheng and Ven. Zhi Hsi attended the Homeland Heroes – 20th Annual Public Safety Appreciation Luncheon organized by the Los Angeles County Fourth District Supervisor Don Knabe. They expressed gratitude to all public safety officials for their public safety efforts by joining a group of 500 people including deputies, firefighters, highway patrols, community officials, and other sponsors.

Supervisor Knabe presented awards to commend the officers of sheriff’s stations, fire departments, highway patrols, and parks bureau in Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights, and Whittier for their annual outstanding performance in crime fighting, rescue, disaster prevention, and crime investigation. The supervisor also emphasized their selfless dedication as protectors on duty.

Hsi Lai Temple has great influence in the community, with the supervisor, deputies, and firefighters mentioning the temple four times during the luncheon. Over the years, when the officers helped maintain traffic during the Chinese New Year, they formed an affinity with Hsi Lai Temple and believe it is their achievement and pride when serving at the temple. At the end of the event, group pictures were taken to memorialize this historical moment.

Supervisor Don Knabe presents award to Hacienda Heights Industry Sheriff’s Station.
Sergeant Brian Sanford and Lieutenant Alex Canchola from Hacienda Heights Sheriff’s Station with Hsi Lai Temple representatives