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Diamond Circle for Young Adults to Learn about Buddhism
October 1, 2016

Since October 2016, Hsi Lai Temple has been holding the Diamond Circle discussion group every Saturday afternoon at 4:30 for young adults who are interested in learning about Buddhism. Topics of each discussion include on cross-cultural communication, gaps between generations, and questions encountered while learning about Buddhism.

During the first discussion on October 1, twelve participants gathered and talked about the establishment of the Diamond Circle and future meeting plans. After icebreaking, they got to know each other and talked about the meaning of the word Diamond. In Buddhism, Diamond also refers to adamantine, for its stable, acute, and indestructible nature. Only after going through extremely high temperatures and pressures, can the carbon atoms be rearranged to form a diamond. The word Diamond is used to draw an analogy to the young adults who are mostly first- and second-generation immigrants to the United States. Growing up in diversified cultural backgrounds, the topic on the word Diamond in Buddhism is relevant to their own experiences.

By the end of the discussion, Ven. Youheng led the group reading an article chosen from Between Ignorance and Enlightenment written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, and each participant shared their thoughts on the article as a close to the first Diamond Circle discussion group.

First Diamond Circle discussion groupExample of a link.
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