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Protect Animals and Save the Earth
September 17, 2016

With the purpose of protecting animals and saving the Earth, BLIA Los Angeles Chapter, along with Long Beach, Arcadia, Rowland Heights, Cerritos, Hsi Lai and FanYin Subchapters, joined together to hold a beach cleaning on September 17. Under the direction of Venerables Ruyuan, Ruhang, Zhixuan, and Zhixi, as well as BLIA President Jerry Chen and Senior Advisor Sharon Lin, more than 120 BLIA members and volunteers joined in the effort to save marine life and improve the ecological environment at the Huntington Beach-Bolsa Chica Land Trust.

Due to California’s long drought, many wetlands and marshes have become dry barren land, thus losing the important function of rivers, oceans, and marshes to regulate our climate as well as prevent flooding. Therefore, the nature of this year’s activity was different than previous years; volunteers were responsible for turning the dry and cracked soil back into the original marshland. They would need to infuse large amounts of water into the barren land to regain the original filtration ability of the wetlands.

BLIA prepared a truck filled with buckets of water to infuse the dry land as volunteers relayed the buckets between each other. All BLIA members and volunteers worked together with team spirit, no matter how hot it became or how heavy the buckets were. Numerous organizations from Southern California also took part in the cleaning that day.

Many first time volunteers participated in this activity; learning by doing, they were able to understand the importance of protecting the wetlands and ecological balance. While saving the Earth, we can purify our minds and plant good seeds for the future. City employees expressed their gratitude for BLIA members’ selfless actions and wished that the idea of “beach cleaning” could be propagated, inviting BLIA members to hold this activity again in the future.

During picnic time afterwards, venerable gave a short talk in appreciation for the hard work of the volunteers, as everyone enjoyed the delicious food, sharing what they had learned, and sitting on the beautiful golden beach. With the sunshine intertwined in the waves, nobody wanted to leave the beautiful scenery. Before leaving, everyone made a commitment to return and help out again next time.