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An Evening under the Moon
September 17, 2016

Under The Moon was held for the third year in a row on Sept. 17. The event attracted 400 visitors including 100 international students from USA, SMC, LMU and CSUF who got to meet venerables and temple volunteers over tea and moon cakes. The night started with sitar music by Evan Hatsfield and two songs from the temple’s Lotus Band. Venerable Abbot Huidong welcomed the guests with an opening speech before turning it to the individual venerables to lead the night’s discussions. Volunteers from Lotus SoCal, Young Adult Divison-LA and Buddha’s Light International Association helped transporting hot tea and moon cakes to 25 tables.

Venerable Abbot Huidong ended the evening with a guided meditation on the moon, teaching the guests to visualize the moon in their own hearts and shining on the entire universe with their light. The visitors then lined up to offer candles to the Buddha before leaving.

At the end of the night, the international students gathered in the Main Shrine to take a group picture with Venerable Abbot Huidong.