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Guqin musical instrument performance
August 28, 2016

Young guqin performance artist, Xiong Yunyun, was invited by the temple for a lecture and concert performance in the auditorium on August 28. BLIA Los Angeles Chapter President, Jerry Chen, brought along BLIA directors and subchapter members nearing 250 people. The guqin is a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family. It has been played since ancient times

The origin for the invitation of Instructor Xiong Yunyun by Ven. Huishiuan relates to the Art of Tea & Meditation Exhibit during the Southern California Buddha’s Birthday Celebration. If only they had the addition of music, would the exhibition be that much more perfect.

Instructor Xiong has practiced the guqin for 24 years, taught for 15 years and has studied under 7 infamous teachers. Her representative work, “Guangling Melody,” has won her the Golden Lion Award for Best Performance. She is one of the youngest guqin artists and is often invited around the world for solo performances. This year she was invited to be vice-chair of the judging committee at the 2nd Annual New York International Chinese Instrument Competition and also performed during the Exhibition Concert before arriving at Hsi Lai.