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HLBCP Graduation Ceremony
July 26, 2016

On July 26, the 2nd Hsi Lai English Buddhist Cultivation Program held graduation ceremony at 8am in the Auditorium. Temple Director Ven. Mankuang cordially invited Ven. Manchien, Executive Director of FGS Overseas Temple, Abbot Ven. Hui Dong, and Ven. Yungku, Abbot of FGS Toronto, as well as 35 members of monastic and also teachers Dr. Paul Kjellberg and Dr. Nancy Cowardin to attend the ceremony.

As a presentation, the students prepared a video about their experiences to show to the audience. Moreover, they also performed Chan Exercise and English Chanting of “Fo Guang Verse” and “Praise of Sakyamuni Buddha” as an act of gratitude for the effort of the teachers. The students also shared their heartfelt thoughts, and two Life Teachers Ven. Youheng and Andrew Nguy also talked about their own experiences.

This six-week program was bittersweet for many of the students. Everything they learned, from lining up, walking meditation, to working meditation, were challenging experiences, but they were able to adapt to monastic life and reap good harvest from it.

At the end of the ceremony, Ven. Manchien awarded graduation certificate to the students. As the guests were leaving, the students gave thank you cards to the venerables and teachers while singing “May Buddha’s Light Shine On You”. They also exhibited their paintings of lotus blossom, sharing the flower of their experience.