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Over 200 Attended Precepts Retreat
July 21, 2016

On July 21 to 23, Hsi Lai Temple held Five Precepts and Bodhisattva Precepts Retreat. A total of 202 devotees participated. Everyone checked in an orderly manner, and almost 100% of registered people came. There were 127 devotees who registered for Bodhisattva Precepts with the average age of 51. As for the five precepts, the youngest devotee was 5-year-old Jiang Qiaozhu from Xiang Yun Temple in Austin, Texas.

This time the retreat opened registration on-line, and the number of application was quickly filled. It showed the need of devotees towards precept retreat, especially for devotees of other states.

After registration, Master of Discipline Ven. Ruyang explained about lining up, rules and regulations of the retreat and also Buddhist etiquette. In consideration of over 40 English-speaking devotees, the temple used both Chinese and English so that English speakers can also understand the dharma at the same time. As for the classes, the Chinese class on the five precepts was taught by Ven. Yungku while the English was taught by Ven. Mankuang. It explained how precepts were relevant to our daily lives and how to practice the path of Buddhahood through precepts.

Ven. Abbot Hui Dong told the devotees that Hsi Lai Temple only hold the Five Precepts and Bodhisattva Precepts Retreat every two years. Moreover, it is not easy for devotees to come and participate from all over the country. He hoped that devotees could put down all attachments and troubles and focused only on practicing the Dharma, so as to experience the purity of the Dharma through precepts.