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Mass In Recognition of Immigrants’ Spirit
July 17, 2016

Every July, the Cathedral Of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles held Mass In Recognition of All Immigrants, and this year it was on the 17th. Archbishop Jose Gomez led over 50 priests to preside the ceremony, and over 3000 devotees attended the mass.

By the invitation of Rt. Rev. Alexei from the Interreligious Council of Southern California, Director Ven. Mankuang attended the mass representing Hsi Lai Temple along with 70 other religious representatives. The mass remembered the pain and suffering that immigrants had to go through in order to come and stay in this country.

The Archbishop mentioned in his speech that the Unites States of America is a heaven for immigrants. It accepts people of all races and ethnicities from the five continents who want to find a new life. People of the past left the best present for us through their sweat and blood, and we have to cherish their efforts, and return more to the country, especially peace.

To highlight a multicultural mass, English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese Bible was read. Praying, choir and Holy Communion brought the ceremony to a close.

At the end of the ceremony, many devotees lined up to pay tribute to the portraits of two Fathers and a Nun, who were canonized by the Pope. They are Fr. Junipero Serra (built 21 churches in California), Mother Cabrini (Italian; took care of miners in Colorado; built orphanages), and Fr. Taribio Romo (died protecting Catholic practice in Mexico at age 27). These Fathers and Nun were named as the Protectors of Immigrants, devoting their life to protect immigrants from Mexico and Italy.