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HLBCP Hike for Health
July 11, 2016

On the morning of July 11, a total of 14 people from the Hsi Lai English Buddhist Cultivation Program went for a 3-hour, 5-mile hike under the company of Ven. Mankuang. The hike was rather taxing by going up and down a hill while looking at the sceneries. Some students said that their legs would definitely hurt after the hike! The hiking trail started from a small path off the road of Hsi Lai Temple and goes all the way to the hill at the back. Up on the hill, Orange County and San Gabriel Valley could be seen. Afterwards, the class walked on Colima Road down to Schabarum Regional Park. Sheep herd and dog barks accompanied the group, as well as hillside full of cactus that represented the desert climate of California. Student Sun also performed Tai Chi on the hillside, much to the awe of everyone. The hike ended at 2pm.