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Welcoming New Scouts
July 10, 2016

In response to the organization Stop Hunger Now, Hsi Lai Scouts held a lemonade and chips charity sale on July 10 that was initiated by parent Linda Tedja. With the help of everyone, $400 was raised. On July 16 they went to Santa Ana to help pack food.

On the other hand, on the same day there were 9 boys and 1 girl who applied to join the Scouts. To let new Scouts members and parents understand about the meaning of joining Scouts and the learning process they will have, Scouts Advisor Richard Brawly, Scouts Master Chen Chang, Committee Chairperson of Parents Steven Huang and also Scouts Coach Jason Ho explained about team spirit, mission, classes and responsibilities.

Afterwards, new members interacted with the Scouts members. They first introduced themselves, and then the new members began to ask questions about being a Scout. Parents also asked questions about how to prepare for Scouts equipment, advancement tests for parents and also the ways Scouts can earn their badges.

At the end, Boy Scout Registered Chapter Representative Venerable Mankuang gave a closing speech. She stressed that Hsi Lai Temple cares about the education of children, and through the influence of religion and also skills training, it will help the grades of students. Moreover, parents can also widen their horizons by learning with their children. Ven. Mankuang also said that being a Scout is a lifelong learning process, and what the Scouts have learned will benefit them for life.