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Visiting LA Sherriff Department with Thanks
July 7, 2016

7/7 Hsi Lai Temple Abbot Ven. Hui Dong accompanied by Ven. Man Kuang , Ven. Miao Hsi and Wendy Doo, president of LA Chinese Amerian Sheriff Advisory Committee, paid an official visit to the LA County Sheriff Department. He presented a certificate of appreciation and a check of donation to Sheriff Jim McDonnell in gratitude of police assistance in maintaining crowd control over the temple's Chinese New Year celebrations. Within that two-week span, over a hundred explorers, reserves and volunteers law enforcement officers helped direct more than 200,000 visitors to the temple. Police officers Captain Stephen Johnson 、 Eddie Rivero and Captain of Industry City Tim Murakami were also presented to receive Venerables and the press reporters。

Sheriff McDonnell noted the department's excellent relationship with Hsi Lai Temple, emphasizing the mission to serve the public. Cooperation between the two especially improved the police's contact with the community's many Chinese residents. He also noted the donation will go towards police youth training programs. Twenty reporters from various news agencies and TV medias were on hand for the formal exchange.

Afterwards Sheriff McDonnell took Ven. Huidong and guests on a tour of his office and library. Formerly a jailhouse, the Hall of Jutice building became a police station only after 1994 earthquake reconstruction. The sheriff pointed out the Dharma Protector Bodhisattva statue given by Hsi Lai temple last year now stand by the window facing the office entrance, he said, “I put the statue here according to the Chinese way, in hope of bestowing peace and safety to all who enter”.