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Lending a Hand to the Indonesian Community
June 11, 2016

On June 11th, Hsi Lai Temple’s Venerable Zhixuan visited the DhammaCakraTra Buddhist Center to give a Dharma talk. Around forty people were in attendance.

DhammaCakraTra was established in 2000 by Indonesian-Americans to maintain cultural traditions of the homeland in the US. Consisting of only seven members in the beginning, the congregation has grown steadily over the years. From once a month, religious service has now been extended to twice a month. With only lay practitioners, the center regularly invites guest monastics to officiate.

During Venerable Zhixuan’s visit, lay leader Handoko chanted the Buddhist liturgy in the Indonesian language. Then Venerable Zhixuan taught the devotees methods of Chan meditation, along with presenting selections from Master Hsin Yun’s writings. Later in a Q&A, two former Christian youths asked about the meaning of karma and consciousness.

Before concluding, Venerable Zhixuan presented each member there with a farewell gift keychain.