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Eight Precepts Retreat
May 29, 2016

Hsi Lai Temple conducted a weekend Eight Precepts Retreat over May 28-29. A total of 56 applicants registered for the special event, which was held in both Chinese and English languages.

Ven. Lu Sung first explained the seriousness of upholding the eight precepts, in order to benefit from the rare experience. For the Chinese speakers, Hsi Lai Abbot Ven. Hui Dong introduced the requirements of the Eight Precepts, while Ven. Yi Chau spoke on Humanistic Buddhism. Meanwhile for the English speakers, Ven. Man Kuang discussed the former topic, while Ven. Tzi Yi talked about the latter subject. To follow, Ven. Hui Xuan taught Chan mediation. Ven. Zhi Chuan demonstrated sutra writing and religious rituals.

The goal of the retreat was to allow practitioners 24 hours to quiet their mind, dwell on their inner thoughts, and reflect on their actions. It also permits them to live briefly like monastics.