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Sharing Religions
May 11, 2016

On May 11th, Hsi Lai Temple Director Ven. Man Kuang and Ven. You Heng participated in the semi-annual Guibard Center Board of Directors and Advisory Council Meeting at St. John’s Cathedral in Los Angeles. Founded in 2010, the Guibord Center’s mission is to promote interfaith dialogue. This particular conference included youngsters from both high school and college as consultants.

Twenty religious representatives took part in the discussion. Professor Brie Loskata of the Southern California Grand Religious Community Center started the proceedings with her work in the Middle East. She noted increasing rates of suicide every year because of endless conflict in that region. She’s currently arranging twenty teenagers and their families on a visit to Disneyland and the US in August. The attendees applauded her idea.

Chairman Dr. Guibord announced the display of a Buddhist sand mandala at the church center from June 14th to June 19th. She welcomed the public to see its creation during those days.

Group photo of Ven. Man Kuang and Ven You Heng with other Guibord Committee members.
Ven Man Guang, Nirinjan Singh Khalsa, Sik Grams and Sister Gita
Guibord Committee Meeting