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“National Day of Prayer” Celebration at the Mayor’s House
May 5, 2016

On May 5, 2016, Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles Mayor, and the First Lady Amy Elaine Wakeland, invited Hsi Lai Temple Director Ven. Mankuang and Social Education Department Director Ven. Youheng to celebrate “National Day of Prayer” at the Mayor’s official residence, the Getty House. More than 100 Los Angeles religious leaders attended this event. Father Alexei on behalf of Catholic, Ven. Mankuang on behalf of Buddhism, and Pastor Sauls on behalf of Methodism started the celebration with joint invocation prayers.

The Los Angeles Mayor and First Lady respectively gave opening remarks. They said that they pray for the LA residents daily, and specifically prayed for solving the homeless problems. Mayor said that he came from a multicultural family: his father is Latino, and his mother is Jewish. He once studied aboard in India, and visited Bodhgaya where the Buddha became enlightened. Mayor indicated that prayers and actions are relative. He urged religious leaders to call on their devotees not to prevent the city from building homes for homeless since there are 80,000 homeless in Los Angeles, and 10% of them are veterans. He emphasized that we must start caring our neighbors before caring our country.

During the celebration, the mayor called on a “Prayer Chain,” and asked all participants to silently say their. Jewish Rabbi Kenneth Chasen, Sister Ines Telles and USC professor Varun Soni gave closing remarks. The organizer, Daniel Tamm considerately invited the Spanish band, folk band and Sikh friends to perform before and after the event, so that everyone can enjoy harmonious atmosphere at the scene.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti welcomes Hsi Lai Temple Director Ven. Mankuang
Ven. Mankuang and Father Alexei and Paster Sauls jointly conducted the invocation prayer.
Opening remarks by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.
First Lady’s opening remarks
Ven. Youheng and organizer Daniel Tamm in front of the Mayor Residence
Spanish band performs before the event.