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Fo Guang Dictionary of Buddhism” Translation Training with Hsi Lai Volunteers
May 5, 2016

A training workshop for the Fo Guang Dictionary of Buddhism Translation Project was conducted at Hsi Lai Temple on May 5, 2016. This workshop was hosted by the project’s Chief Coordinator Ven. Miaoguang, Executive Academic Advisor Dr. Lewis Lancaster, and Ven. Miaozhong from Fremont. A total of 40 volunteers participated in this training; most of them were proofreaders of the former translation project on the Encyclopedia of Buddhist Arts. Other volunteers included the senior temple docents as well as students of the University of the West. Ven. Youheng, Ven. Zhiyi, Ven. Zhixing and Ven. Zhishuan from His Lai Temple also joined this workshop.

Ven. Miaoguang briefly introduced the translation process of the Fo Guang Dictionary of Buddhism. She explained how the volunteers would need to assist in searching the English equivalent of Buddhist terms within six months, and then she let the volunteers split up into small groups and practiced for the remainder of the session. Ven. Miaoguang indicated that initially she thought there were only 8 volunteers coming to the training, but she was very happy when she saw a group of 40 Los Angeles volunteers involved in this translation project. After 2 hours of training, all the volunteers had strengthen their knowledge of Buddhism from searching terms. Among them, 5 volunteers would come back to continue the training on next day morning, under the guidance of Ven. Miao Zhong. All of them agreed to meet once a month at Hsi Lai Temple for further discussion and problem solving, in addition to continue working from home.

Dr. Lancaster, Executive Academic Advisor, encourages the volunteers.
Ven. Miao Guang introduces the translation process of the “Fo Guang Dictionary of Buddhism” to volunteers.
“Fo Guang Dictionary of Buddhism” Translation Project - Los Angeles Team.
Volunteers divided in small groups to search English equivalent of Buddhist terms.
Volunteers working collaboratively in small groups.
Ven. Miaozhong assisting volunteers.