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“Relay for Life” at Hacienda Heights
April 30, 2016

After a sprinkling of rain in the early morning, our earth was enriched with bright sunshine and fresh air. The American Cancer Society organized a “Relay for Life” event in Hacienda Heights on April 30, 2016. Members of the BLIA Hacienda Heights and Rowland Heights Sub-chapters participated at the open ceremony, under the guidance of Temple Director Ven. Mankuang and Subchapter Monastic Advisor Ven. Manzhao.

Julie Perich, a cancer survivor and also a volunteer at Hsi Lai Temple, opened remarks to encourage everyone that one must receive treatment as soon as one is diagnosed. “The most important is that we should think positive and remain optimistic while we are under treatment, everything would go safe without worries.” Then, the event organizer Sarah Hall presented the cancer survivors with awards; she also helped caregivers to tie blue straps on their shoulders. After the ceremony, the participants walked around the park for bringing hope to life.

The whole event was filled with warmth and joy, lively and vivid. In addition to the walking, there are other activities such as charity fundraising, dance, Karaoke, and Buddha’s Light Youth Symphony Orchestra performance. And as for kids, face and sand paintings, and games like sets of circle were offered.

In the afternoon, Ms. Grace Pugh, a brave lady who already fought over cancer four times, was very impressed by BLIA members passion and love. She expressed her gratitude to Hsi Lai Temple Director, Ven. Huihao, and also to Ven. Rusong for leading Hsi Lai Buddhist Cultivation Program students to participate in the event. Their supports touched so many people, and she was grateful for that. More than 200 BLIA Subchapters members from the Walnut, Alhambra, Monterey, Los Angeles, San Gabriel 1 and 2, Hsi Lai, and Westminster helped to bring great success to this event.

All the funds raised from this event will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Let’s us cherish the memory of the deceased cancer patients, and give hope and care to the cancer fighters. We wish the glorious flare lights would illuminate the heart of life!