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Lecture by Ven. Mankuang at Central Avenue Church
April 17, 2016

Ven. Mankuang, Director of Hsi Lai Temple, gave a lecture on Buddhism at Central Avenue Church on April 17, 2016. This was the first time that the church invited a non-Christian to give a speech for a Sunday Mass since its establishment 60 years ago. There were a total of 80 attendees, and most of them were third generation young German adults. Ven. Mankuang described the history, doctrine and cultivation of Buddhism with a series of three Buddha stories by presenting nine pictures and texts. Some of the attendees asked questions such as “Although I am a Christian, I love meditation, is there any conflict?” “How should Christians think of Buddhism?” “How do you find your faith?” Some shared their thoughts after the speech, “How wonderful! After cultivation, everyone has the opportunity to become a Buddha!” The priest Aaron Von Voorhis indicated that he would like to visit Hsi Lai Temple with the church members. Ven. Mankuang also invited their choir to perform at the “Prayer for World Peace Ceremony” next year.