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Free Tax Service to Residents of Los Angeles
March 19, 2016

With the tax season approaching, a temporary tax declaration station was set up on March 19, 2016 in the Assembly Hall at Hsi Lai Temple, offering free tax services to low-income families and seniors.

Students of the Business Administration Department at University of the West participated in “Voluntary Income Tax Assistant Program” (VITA Program), and the volunteers assisted in providing free tax return services in various languages such as English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, and Filipino. The VITA Program files the tax returns electronically with E-Filing, which brings the latest and most appropriate community services to the public.

After receiving training in tax law and being certified by IRS, a group of 17 volunteers from the University of the West instructed and guided people to fill out the tax returns forms under the guidance of Dr. Chi Sheh, the Chairman of the Business Administration Department. They also help input data on the computer to declare the 2015 Federal and California personal income taxes. This year, this service at Hsi Lai Temple assisted a total number of 45 people to file their tax return.