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Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue Aims to Help the Homeless
March 11, 2016

Three Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple representatives, including Ven. Miaohsi and Ven. Youheng attended the monthly Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue on March 11 at St. Andrew Russian Greek Catholic Church in El Segundo.

Hsi Lai Temple has been participating in the dialogue for over 15 years, and the meetings include a total of 23 people from 12 Buddhist and Catholic groups. The meetings are held at a different space each month, and Hsi Lai Temple hosted one of the meetings last year.

This month’s meeting continued on the issue of homelessness, and Enterprise Community Partners, a local organization aiming to help homeless people obtain a permanent residence, presented and talked about the homes they have built and the thousands they have gotten off the streets. The group wanted to join the dialogue to discuss what the dialogue participants could do to help as well as brainstorm for possible ways to alleviate the issue of homelessness.

One of the Japanese Buddhist monastic representatives suggested that they can give spiritual help. Following that, Ven. Youheng brought up Fo Guang Shan Monastery’s Children’s Home, where the monastery has raised over 660 children, the “princes and princesses of Fo Guang Shan,” empowering them with education.

The participants at the dialogue offered to do their best to do help with any needs such as donations and volunteers. Three of the organizations participating in the dialogue, including Hsi Lai Temple, will stay in touch with Enterprise Community Partners to facilitate future events and assistance with programs.