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February Interfaith Meeting
February 18, 2016

On February 18, Venerable Mankuang and Venerable Youheng went to Arcadia Congregational Church to attend a monthly interfaith meeting. Ten representatives from faiths such as Catholicism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Baha'i, and Sikhism discussed the content of their "Interfaith Statement." They have also decided to use "Fearless Faith" as the theme for the National Day of Prayer Service in May; this theme emphasizes on the mutual support and the equality of humanity.

Since the meeting occurred during the Chinese New Year, Ven. Mankuang introduced the meaning of the Year of the Monkey, and gave each participant a souvenir marked with "Auspicious Blessings." Afterwards, a few representatives shared the dates of their New Years, with the Baha'i falling on the first day of Spring, and the Sik taking place on the first season of wheat harvest in May. The next interfaith meeting will be on March 17.